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Mission Statement

Wagner College provides a strong liberal arts background combined with intensive training in Theatre, particularly Musical Theatre, through classes and public performances. By combining theory and practice, the department seeks to foster leadership, a sense of community, artistic integrity, intellectual expertise, and the best professional values to serve students in their chosen profession.

Curriculum Overview

The Department of Theatre and Speech offers training in Acting, Musical Theatre Performance, Dance, Design, and Management as well as study in Directing.

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WCT offers a BA in Theatre and Speech with concentrations in Performance, Design/Technology/Management, and Theatre Studies as well as a Dual Major in Theatre and Education.

The Performance Concentration involves a sequence of acting courses, including classical styles, improvisational techniques, musical theatre performance, and the business of acting. The sequence culminates in a Senior Showcase in New York. Students may also select from a wide variety of courses in Dance, Movement, and Voice. An audition is required for acceptance into the program.

The Design, Technology and Management (D/T/M) Concentration includes Stage Management, Drafting, and Design Courses, including Lighting, Costume, and/or Sets. There are many opportunities to practice by working on the various departmental productions. An interview is required for acceptance into the program.

Theatre Studies is designed for students considering graduate school. Students take a range of history and literature courses in both the English and Theatre Departments. Students are required to interview prior to declaring this major.

Dual Major in Education and Theatre is best for students interested in a career teaching in primary or secondary schools. Students take a range of Theatre courses as well as all the required courses for receiving teacher certification, including the Senior Learning Community in Education that involves a semester of student teaching. Students will have an adviser in both areas.

The Dance Program offers study in a range of disciplines, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Tap as well as courses in Choreography, History, and Criticism. Professional dancers and choreographers regularly offer guest workshops and are hired to participate in the program.

Minors: Theatre; Dance.


Full Course Descriptions

Program Requirements

(Please note:  Transfer credits, including AP credits, from other institutions will not necessarily be accepted toward the major.)

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