Wagner College Planetarium

Explore the Universe at Staten Island’s Only Planetarium.

The Wagner College Planetarium offers fun, educational programs that will transport your students on a voyage through our universe, galaxy, and solar system. Students will learn the principles of astronomy and related sciences through lecture and awe-inspiring visuals.

For over 45 years the Planetarium has been used as an educational tool to the Staten Island community. We provide educational shows for schools, Boy and Girl Scout troops and community groups. Come explore the universe at Wagner College.

Private shows are offered Monday through Thursday with showtimes at 10 a.m. or 11:30a.m. Cost: $5 per student; 1 adult free per 15 students.

Minimum of $150 is needed to reserve all shows. Planetarium seats 55.

Universal Showings: Wagner College Planetarium will be open to public groups of ten or more on Wednesday, February 21 and April 4 at 10 a.m. Cost: $7 per person

For reservations or more information, please call The Department for Lifelong Learning 718-390-3221 or fill out an inquiry.

Water: our most precious resource. Without it, life could not exist on our planet. Is the reverse also true? If we search for water, will we also find life? Join us as we explore our solar system and discover what makes our world stand out among the solar system’s family of planets. Stunning imagery will captivate you as we journey to, and sometimes even below, the surfaces of our neighbor worlds to discover whether or not life might be possible beyond our home planet.

View the Educator’s Guide for activities and curriculum planning.

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Reaching for the stars at the Wagner College Planetarium We often tell our children to “reach for the stars,” and at the Wagner College Planetarium we offer
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