Staff contacts

Kevin Bott

Dean of Civic Engagement, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement


Arlette Cepeda

Director, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

718-420-4485 Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, Union Building, Room 203

Ashley Olsen

Coordinator of Wagner College Raiders IS 51, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Assistant Professor, Sociology Department

718-390-3487 Parker Hall 210

Sarah Scott

Department Chair/Associate Professor, Art, Art History & Film Department

718-420-4528 Main Hall 3rd floor

Although a specialist in Ancient Near Eastern Art History, Dr. Scott teaches a range of courses at Wagner.

Rhoda Frumkin

Associate Professor, Education Department

718-390-3455 Campus Hall 320

Expertise in literacy and literacy acquisition for diverse learners, special education, service learning, and teacher preparation.

Dr. Katia Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Education Department

718-420-4082 Campus Hall 323

Expertise in curriculum design, culturally responsive practices and group dynamics, early childhood, intellectual disabilities and autism.

Shani Carter

Professor, Business, Nicolais School Campus Hall 220

Director of Accreditation
Ph.D., Industrial and Labor Relations (Major in Human Resources)

Edna Aurelus

Assistant Professor, Nursing, Evelyn L. Spiro School

718-390-3445 Campus Hall 309

Dr. Aurelus is an alumna of Wagner College, where she earned her MSN in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program.

Nancy Cherofsky

Assistant Professor, Coordinator DNP, Nursing, Evelyn L. Spiro School

718-390-3450 Campus Hall 310

Nora Lowy

Program Director, Physician Assistant


Program Director. PhD, MPA, PA-C

Crystal Vera-Montalvo

Executive Director - 30,000 Degrees Initiative, CLCE


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