MS Ed: Early Childhood/Special Education

Program Requirements

Core (12 credits)

ED 600 Curriculum Development and Strategies for Teaching
ED 608 Philosophical Foundations of Education
ED 654 Theory & Practice of Second Language Acquisition

and one of the following:
ED 603 Human Development: Childhood to Pre-Adolescence
ED 605 Dynamics of Human Relations

Teacher Preparation Program Entry Process- Must complete in first fall or spring semester

Early Childhood Concentration (16 credits)

ED 615 Parent, Family, and Community Cooperation & Collaboration
ED 618 Holistic Instruction: Aesthetic Education and Curriculum
ED 620 Advanced Curriculum Development and Instruction
ED 620L Advanced Curriculum Development and Instruction Lab
ED 621 Linguistic, Numerical & Artistic Symbols & Tools
ED 622 Learning Differences in the Inclusive Setting

All additional certification requirements must be completed prior to Practicum

Research & Clinical Practice (9 credits)

ED 624 Action Research
ED 694 Practicum in Early Childhood
ED 699 Action Research Project

Click here for a downloadable program requirements document.